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A Systematic Literature Review And Structural Model For Older Driver Safety: An Evidenced Based Approach

Presenter: Classen, Sherrilene


Using the Precede-Proceed Model of Health Promotion (PPMHP), and an etiological systematic literature review, we examined the risk/protective factors of older driver safety in the U.S. We described key features of this literature and developed a structural model illustrating the prevalence of risk/protective factors in the health domain (63%) and in other PPMHP domains (environment 20%; behavior and lifestyle 10%; predisposing 1%; reinforcing 3%, enabling 2%; health education 2%). This model, a first step in synopsizing and quantifying these risk/protective factors, informs rehabilitation professionals of their etiology and prevalence, affords opportunities for multi-disciplinary research, and lays the foundation for intervention planning.